Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Student Association for SD

The Association for Sustainable Development (BENE) sees itself as a real-world laboratory. In this laboratory you will research possible solutions to sustainable development-related problems and implement them in concrete projects. Two such projects are introduced below. For more details and further projects, please visit the BENE website (the website is currently in German only, but feel free to send us your project proposals in English).

The City Map Project


BENE has developed its own city map of Bern. It shows shops, cafés, restaurants, and other businesses that promote sustainable consumer behaviour. The businesses were selected based on criteria such as fair trade or regionality. Looking for a café? Or clothing? Or a repair shop? The map allows you to search by category, providing an excellent overview of the many opportunities for conscious consumption in the city of Bern.

Permaculture garden

Foto Permakulturgarten

BENE is in the process of creating a permaculture garden. The garden is intended to demonstrate the possibilities of an alternative and near-natural form of cultivation – and to serve as an educational garden testing and showcasing various concepts and elements of permaculture. By gardening, we acquire new knowledge – and by gardening together, we help build a community and also have fun! Not only do we learn a lot – we also get to harvest our own fruits and vegetables.