Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

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Sustainable Development – An Opportunity for Science

What is Sustainable Development? And what role is in it for science? The video shows possible contributions of science to sustainable development, in research as well as in teaching. We invite you to think about it.

Education for Sustainable Development – A University’s Contribution

What is education for sustainable development? And how can it be integrated into higher education today? The explanatory video shows ways in which lecturers can discover the contributions of their own discipline to sustainable development.

Videos on Sustainable Development

Explanatory video for the publication of Transdisciplinary Teaching

In their book Transdisciplinary Learning for Sustainable Development, Karl Herweg et al. outline a practice-oriented and forward-looking approach to Education for Sustainable Development. Based on many years of teaching experience combined with didactic methods, the authors provide tips, tools and examples for transdisciplinary learning and teaching, applicable for lecturers from all subject areas.
Watch the video about the publication here: