Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Online Settings

Digital tools for transdisciplinary and transformative research and learning

The guidelines attempt to contribute to the following questions: How does the online environment influence communication? How can participation and inclusion be enabled, contributing fairness promoted, and trust established? To ensure that the opportunities and challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic are fully embraced, these guidelines focus on the knowledge, attitudes, and skills related to co-creation for sustainable development and needed for four types of competence – digital, professional, social, and personal.


Guidelines for Virtual Conferencing

Virtual events bear a huge potential to contribute to sustainable development by bridging geographical gaps on a global scale while reducing CO2 emissions. Building on experience garnered during the COPERNICUS Alliance Online Conference 2019, the Copernicus Alliance leadership team and CDE researchers developed guidelines on how to prepare, host and evaluate virtual conferences.

The guidelines are available here.

Further videos and reports from Copernicus Alliance are available here.

Titelblatt: Guidelines for Virtual Conferencing