Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Out and about sustainably in Bern

How we get around, what we consume, how we live – our behavior and our decisions shape our environment.

This booklet invites you, as a student at the University of Bern, to think about what you need for a good, satisfying life. It follows the sufficiency approach, which emphasizes wealth in time and space over wealth in goods and money. In chapters covering “Getting around”, “At home”, “Eating & drinking”, “Conscious consumption”, and “Culture & events”, we have gathered together useful facts, ideas, and tips.

In the city of Bern, there are numerous innovative shops, eateries, organizations, and associations that are committed to promoting a sustainable lifestyle. You will find a selection of them in the pages of this booklet. Self-experiments are also included to stimulate your creativity and inspire you to try something unfamiliar, develop new habits, and integrate them in your everyday life.

The information in this booklet is not exhaustive, and we encourage you to always reflect critically on the tips we offer, considering them in relation to your own opportunities and needs. Realizing sustainable lifestyles at the societal level is not easy, but your own (consumer) behavior can make an important contribution.

This booklet can accompany you in your everyday life as a student in Bern, give you fresh food for thought, encourage you to think independently, inspire you to try new things, and illustrate how to practise a lifestyle that benefits you and your environment at the same time.