Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)


Lunch Discussion

The topic of energy and sustainability is on everybody's minds in view of current political and social developments. In order to keep global warming to a minimum, a transition to renewable energies is imperative. The transition from fossil fuels and nuclear energy to renewable energies represents a comprehensive and broad-based system transformation that spans all areas of energy generation, conversion, distribution and storage. But how do we succeed in this transformation? What does it take to drive the energy transition forward? What is already happening? What runs counter to the energy transition and how do we address it? And how do we address energy inequality? 

At a joint lunch on April 20, 2023, lecturers and students from different disciplines - including geography, psychology, English, political science, social science and economics - discussed these and other questions regarding a sustainable energy transition together with stakeholders from the private sector and politics.

Organisation: Dr. Lilla Gurtner (CDE) & Jonas Chastonay (CDE)
Project leader: Dr. Lilian Trechsel (CDE)

How can I find others active in this field?

The ILIAS platform (entry for employees of the University of Bern: here) offers space for exchange and discussion.